Why this name?

In the local dialect, the word “fora” means “out” and it is often used to indicate someone literally “out of their mind”. Unusual people, those who let their heart decide, somehow, are all considered to be a little bit “out”, over here.

“Out” also stays for living in the open space, out there in the fields, through the vineyards and that is where you will find us: Giovanni and Simone, two friends who love the outdoor life and the good wine.
What is FORA?

Our vineyards are located in Nanto, a magical place facing the sun on the enchanting Colli Berici, the hills surrounding the area in which we live.

“FORA” is our new project and our intent is to requalify this territory we love so much and to restore the balance between man, vine and soil. No wonder we like to be “out”…
In the vineyard, we produce two types of grape which are typical of this area: Garganega (white, pleasant, sunny-natured) and Tai (red, fine and spicy). The grapes are selected by us and treated with natural yeast. We bottle the wine only when we feel the time is right and that is why our wines are different every year. Our policy is to avoid excessive interference with the natural process, we avoid using chemicals, we take care of every single plant and we harvest grapes manually.

We believe this is the way to obtain a product that truly represents us.

What we drink defines who we are and we want our wines to be like us: natural, truthful and open-hearted. In one word, “out”.

Our Wines
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